The Fishing

We are the only outfitter licensed to guide and fly anglers in the wild and pristine Spatsizi region and have exclusive access to the most beautiful, prolific, and unspoiled trout fishing in the world, including the legendary Firesteel River.  With over thirty rivers, lakes and streams to choose from, a week of fly-out fishing merely scratches the surface of the resource at hand.

We will customize your trip and fly-out destinations to suit your fishing preference, water conditions and hatch activity. The streams are loaded with the feisty, gorgeously-marked Rainbow Trout, easily enticed to take a dry fly.  We also have free rising Arctic Grayling, trophy sized Bull Trout and Lake Trout.  The season runs from the end of June to late August and every week affords excellent angling.

“The rainbows will hit dry flies everywhere you fish and I had a couple of afternoons of truly world-class dry fly fishing.”
- Carl Anderson, NC

"Our experience was amazing.  The food, the fishing, the flying.  I could go on and on.  So professional. Generous. Fun. Exciting.  We are thrilled to have returned." - Peggy & Mark, WA

The Firesteel: Dry Fly Paradise

Included in our packages is a fly-out to the Firesteel Outpost Camp.  Your host and guide is owner and operator Ray Collingwood.  Each guest overnights on the Firesteel and has an epic dry fly opportunity.  The Firesteel is know for large amounts of  Rainbow trout on the dry fly.  Enjoy moose grazing along the river banks, ospreys, beavers and eagles and incredible wild rainbows!

The Fly-Outs

Choose from over 30 lakes, rivers and streams to match your fishing preference and to where the fishing is hot each week.  Our stationed floatplanes will get you into some spectacular scenery, fantastic fishing and a new destination each day!

Wild Rainbows

Spatsizi is loaded with wild feisty Rainbow trout easily enticed to take the dry fly.  Whether you're stripping a huge mouse pattern or casting a delicate #20 adams,  we have an option to suit your fishing preference.   

Big Bull Trout

Bull Trout, otherwise known as "fresh water sharks" are true predators.  They will hammer surface and subsurface flies and they are super aggresive.  Ranging from 3-12 lbs, watch out and hang on after they hit your 4 wt. 

Arctic Grayling

For those looking for diversity we have free rising Arctic Grayling at several locations.  Some love the way an Arctic Grayling will treat a well-presented dry fly. Others are fascinated by it's rarity and unique  dorsal fin.  Either way, this fish provides ample action for a great light tackle experience.