What to bring

We have a small selection of supplies at the lodge where you can purchase flies, leaders, tippet and accessories.  You can stop in at Oscars Source for Adventure in Smithers to stock up on some great trout supplies and gear.  Don't forget to purchase your 8 day freshwater BC Fishing License online prior to arrival. 

Fly Rods

A 3-4 wt. rod with a floating line would be great for our streams and the Firesteel River. We recommend a 5-6 wt. rod for our trophy lakes and for any windy conditions. We have Winston 4-6 wt. rods at the lodge for complimentary use. Please let us know in advance if you need to borrow a rod.


The majority of fishing is with a floating line in streams up to five feet in depth. However, if you’re interested in challenging some lakes for trophy rainbows we recommend a sinking line. The following are the types of lines we recommend: Floating-WF, Sink Tip- 10’ Slow/Intermediate, Sinking-Intermediate/Fast Sink


Single action trout fly reel.


7-9ft. tapered 4-6x (assortment);
extra tippet material essential.

Flies: Dries, Nymphs, Streamers

We will provide you with a detailed list of flies upon your reservation. The following is an example of some flies used:

Dry flies: Parachute Adams, Adams, Royal Wulff, Black Gnat: variety of sizes 12-16; Green & Brown Drake: 10-12; Elk Hair Caddis: 12-14; Goddard Caddis: 10-12,; Sofa Pillow and Stimulator: 8-10; Foam ants: 8-10.

Nymphs: A variety of regular and beadhead nymphs are ideal. Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph: 10-14; Caddis Larva: 12-14; Stone Nymphs, golden and black: 8-10.

Streamers: (# 6-8) Wooly Buggers: black, olive, brown; Matukas: olive, black; Wooly Worms: olive, black; E/S Leeches: purple, black; Zonkers: white, black, brown.

Note: Beadhead wooly buggers with flashabou work very well for still water angling.

**The law requires barbless hooks


Breathable Gore-Tex chest waders are comfortable for stream fishing and warmer days, add a heavy pair of fleece pants for cooler days. Wading boots with felt soles. Please do not bring wading boots with studs as they damage the aircrafts.

Weather Gear

Rain gear (good quality), warm fleece type jacket or sweater, wide brimmed hat, beannie or fleece hat, finger-less gloves and poly glove for warmth, polarized sunglasses, sun screen, and insect repellent.


Clamp or needle nose pliers to release fish and to mash down barbs.

Nippers, fly floatant, and tippet material (3-6x).

Hard Rod/Reel cases for safe travel in planes.


Poly-pro long underwear, 4 pair wool or fleece socks, 2-3 pair light socks, a warm sweater, 4 cotton or light wool shirts, 2-3 pair of trousers, and camp shoes.

Other Important Items

Small duffel bag or daypack that can be taken out each day. Flashlight, camera and film(100-400 ASA), toiletries(medication), reading material, liquor: wine is served with dinner.

*Baggage Allowance: 70lbs (36kg) per person, due to space available on aircraft and is strictly enforced.