The Collingwoods

Ray & Reg Collingwood first brought fly fishing to the Spatsizi’s unexplored waters over 45 years ago.  Since then, we have introduced hundreds of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to the beauty and bounty of this unique area and have earned Spatsizi a place amongst the great trout fishing destinations of the world.

A quality fly fishing experience lies at the heart of our family’s philosophy. We provide exceptional service in a remote setting for those who wish to explore, fish and enjoy enchanting country. We are more than just a fishing trip: we take pride in attention to detail, personalized service, and a complete wilderness angling adventure.

Come join us for a trip of a lifetime.

Ray & Beannie Collingwood

You will find Ray on the banks of the Firesteel River during July and August as your host, guide and chef.  His wife Beannie joins him each summer during the peak of the fishing season. Ray loves the flying, guiding and will walk our 25 year old guides off the mountain.  

Reg Collingwood

RegCollingwood and his two boys Mark and Clint raise 40 head of horses on their ranch in Smithers.  Reg and his crew train the horses and ensure they arrive into the Spatsizi Wilderness safely each year.  You will find Reg at the Eaglenest Camp Wilderness trip.  He enjoys riding in the mountains glassing for Stone Sheep and other wildlife in the Eaglenest range, and sharing stories with all of our guests around the campfire.