Conservation and Stewardship

We have been leading adventures in the Spatsizi region for over 40 years.   During this time we have been advocates for the Spatsizi and surrounding area.  We have worked with government, conservationists, media, educators; have served on advisory committees, land management committees, and worked worked with First Nations - to foster an understanding of the intrinsic value of the Spatsizi, and to ensure it is protected for future generations.  We have donated numerous trips to local organizations and abroad to further the study of wildlife and protect and enhance key habitats around the world.  

Ray Collingwood was awarded the Protector Award at the recent Northern BC Tourism AGM.  Ray is recognized for his ongoing commitment in sharing with others the wonders of Spatsizi and his tireless work to protect its natural and cultural values.  The Protector Award "recognizes a Northern BC Tourism Stakeholder who respects our region's assets and resources, including minimizing impact on the environment, serving as a leader to others in developing sustainable business practices, and working to conserve our history and culture."

Cold Fish Lake Celebration: In 2004 we organized and supported the Cold Fish Lake Celebration. The Iskut elders and their families were invited to a celebration at Cold Fish Lake at BC Parks headquarters.  The Iskut people are known as the "Tlogotine- The Long Grass people" or "Caribou Hiders".  An amazing piece of artwork and was produced by Wilf Schlitt depicting a traditional family at Cold Fish Lake with their pack dogs, pack horse, ceremonial rock and caribou ribs.  A beautiful bronze by the famous sculptor Rick Taylor was also commissioned.  The event took place over 2 days with ceremonial dance, crafts and games.   

Spatsizi Lodge: this lodge is on a complete solar power/ inverter system reducing the use of fossil fuel at the lodge and providing a quiet peaceful experience.  All of our garbage is composted, recycled and flown out of the Park.  We use the philosophy reduce, reuse, recycle in all aspects of our operation.  



Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

We are pleased to support and help protect the Sacred Headwaters, the birthplace of the Skeena, Stikine and Nass rivers from Shell and other industrial development.  For further information visit SWCC

The Caribou Hiders

The Caribou Hiders limited edition print depicts a traditional family at Cold Fish Lake in Spatsizi Park.  It is available to purchase for $200 and all proceeds go towards the Spatsizi Heritage Fund.  The Fund directly to enhances habitat, supports First Nations and protects the Spatsizi borders from threats. Please contact us to donate or purchase your print.

The Sacred Headwaters

Dr. Wade Davis has just released his new book The Sacred Headwaters, the Fight to Save the Stikine, Skeena and Nass Rivers. The book features a stunning collection of photographs by Carr Clifton and members of the International League of Photographers, including well known wildlife photographer Joe Riis.  

In the book, Wade describes the regions beauty, the threats to it and it is complemented by the voices of the Tahtan elders.  Foreword by David Suzuki and Afterword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

We want to personally thank Joe Riis for the use of his amazing photos he took in Spatsizi that are used throughout our website.

Want to learn more about the Spatsizi with Wade as a host?  Join our featured trip.