Spatsizi Wilderness Park

Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park is one of British Columbia's largest and most significant parks. Spatsizi Park and Gladys Lake Ecological Reserve were created in 1975.

The Park is located 200 air miles north of Smithers, British Columbia. This area, over 3600 square miles, is not accessible by road; the only access is via air or an extensive journey by river boat, pack horse or foot.
Spatsizi encompasses three major vegetation zones: alpine tundra, spruce-willow birch, boreal white and black spruce forest. The park spreads across two broad physiographic regions: Spatsizi Plateau and Eaglenest Range. The Plateau is a rolling upland that extends in a broad curve from Mt. Brock in the northwest, to Tuaton lake in the southeast. Elevation in the Plateau ranges from 1600m to 2000m. The mountains to the southwest are the Eaglenest Range.

The Eaglenest Mountains are rugged and alpine glaciation produced cirques, tarns, and hanging valleys. The highest peak is Mt. Will at 2500m. The river drainage includes the Spatsizi River and Upper Stikine. The scenery and terrain make Spatsizi park an excellent place for quality backpacking, horseback riding, paddling, and fly-fishing.


The rivers, lakes and streams are abundant in fish. The main species of fish are predominately Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Bull Trout, Char Lake Trout, and White Fish.

The park supports a large population of wildlife. This includes: Moose, Osborne Caribou, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goats, Grizzlies, Timber Wolves, Black Bear, Wolverines, a multitude of smaller animals, and 139 species of birds.

Spatsizi "Land of the Red Goat"

Spatsizi is a Tahltan Native word meaning, "Land of the Red Goat". The legend was given to the mountain goats that rolled in the rich iron oxide soil, changing their normally white coats to red. Historically, the Tahltan natives were the only inhabitants of the Spatsizi region until 1929. In 1929, the Hyland Brothers established a post on the Spatsizi River to trade with the native fur trappers. Now this historic site serves as a base camp for Spatsizi Wilderness Vacations.