Welcome to The Collingwood's Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge

Board a bush floatplane and land on the lakefront doorstep of Spatsizi Lodge in the heart of a vast, road-less wilderness preserve, Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park. Step back to a time of pristine landscapes where jagged mountains tower above untouched river valleys. Explore a Canadian Serengeti teeming with wildlife from the comfort of a friendly lodge run by a family whose mission it is to protect this natural sanctuary.

Smell spruce forests and feel a fresh cool stream as your guide cooks up a tasty rainbow trout you just landed. Hike into the wild with guides experienced at spotting grizzly bears on distant slopes. Slip onto a saddle and explore century-old game trails on horseback, hearing only the murmur of a tumbling brook and the gentle clopping of hooves.

Come and experience the Spatsizi with The Collingwoods.

Watch the new film about Spatsizi:

Spatsizi Film

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